Inner Speech is one of the most powerful tool that is with in you which has intense capabilities to bring a magical transformation.

Remember those inner conversations before you attend an interview or before you ask for a date? Recollect now and see, did the out come match with what you spoke to yourself? See!! That is the power of inner speech.

99% of the times we speak to ourselves what we deeply believe in and that is the key for our reality. With or without our knowledge we take actions which would eventually give results as per our inner speech.

If you ever heard from anyone that speaking to yourself is not a healthy practice, this very moment you stop that belief and let it go. Speaking to yourself has huge power and if you are someone who does that you are one step closer to a huge transformation or to that goal you have been waiting for so long.

Now if you know the power of subconscious mind you would understand if i say that whats programmed in your subconscious mind is what its reflecting in your reality. The inner speech has that power to reprogram your subconscious mind very quick and easy. This is the main reason why you should have a positive Inner Speech.

Remember that positive inner speech will give positive results and negative inner speech negative results. This is the thumb rule for re-programming your subconscious mind. Always, your inner speech has higher power our your outer speech. Work on it now and you will experience something that you have never before.

How to change the Inner Speech :

  • Begin slow and build confidence
  • Choose an easy area of your life that you have a negative inner speech and something that you believe that you can quickly change
  • Write down your current Inner Speech about that area of life
  • Evaluate your belief system by understanding the emotion and the words in the speech
    • Is it giving a Negative/Positive/Neutral feeling?
    • Is it matching with the current outcome you are already experiencing?
  • If its not matching with your current experience re-work on it until you find the right words from deep inside your mind
  • Once you are ready with your existing speech, now its time to transform. As you read through the statement/ statements, modify in such way that when you read it, you feel positive about it. You should feel happy and proud to have this speech
  • Read your inner speech script you have written until you have felt completely comfortable about it and let it flow in ease in your mind

If you think you are unable to do it or if you are unable to find the right words, it is completely fine. You have taken the first step towards the transformation and the path will unfold by itself. Keep working on it and you will find the right words to transform the area of life you are looking for.

This tool if you can practice has limitless possibilities to achieve

  • Build a Positive Mind
  • Self Motivation to go to that Gym/Run
  • Manifest anything by changing your belief system
  • Build confidence to work towards your goals
  • Achieve the outcome of any task quick and effective

End note is, all that you have to do is, speak to yourself with positive statements and you will see a beautiful world outside. Good Luck and Enjoy your life to the FULLEST!

Published by healervalley

A Software Professional with Diversified Interests. A wanderer in search of knowledge and not because I am lost! I Love to Learn and even more Love to spread the knowledge that makes the World a Happy Place.

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