You read it right! I did say YES day. Before i say what is a yes day and why or how it works you should know something about the brain.

It is said that the brain functions are divided into two parts and called as Left Brain and Right Brain. While the Left Brain controls the right side of the body and Right brain controls the left side of the body, our interest is more about the thinking side of it.

As far as decision making or thinking perspective, Left brain is all about logical thinking and Right Brain is about Creative and Emotional thinking. So basically when you are solving a mathematical problem your left brain is active and when you are laughing watching a video, your right brain is active.

For transformation to begin, it is highly important for right brain to be active and think creative. This will help you to find solution in any situation and you will see a shift in your experiences in the real life.

Activating the Right Brain is all about having this YES Day. Choose a day in a week and make it a YES Day. The rule of this day is to say Yes (Obviously not anything that puts you into Danger) to anything that comes your way on a routine day.

When you say YES to the tasks on your way, you will find creative ways to let that work go from you or to accomplish it. IT IS NOT ABOUT THE END RESULT BUT MORE ABOUT THINKING CREATIVE AS A WAY OF LIFE. This in turn starts making you accept the smartly and take actions accordingly.

Try this technique and do keep me posted in your comments as how it worked for you!!

Lets work together to create a Happy World!!

Published by healervalley

A Software Professional with Diversified Interests. A wanderer in search of knowledge and not because I am lost! I Love to Learn and even more Love to spread the knowledge that makes the World a Happy Place.

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