Being Centered by Gazing Nature

Having a Cup of coffee with cuddle of 5yr child and embracing Nature has brought me back to my center and it has become my way of meditation, Living in the present, Gazing at the Nature!

Amidst the Chaotic City life, I have been looking for opportunities to have a peaceful location where i can be close to nature yet with City facilities. It is almost 4yrs back when I learnt the Law of attraction and started practicing it. Universe may have heard my call for the peaceful location and its just took few months to bring me here.

While I was struggling to be centered and live in peace, so many deviations in daily life has made it difficult. It was just one step deviation that I had taken from regular pattern and it just brought me tremendous transformation. It was one of the simplest step, yet has given me profound results!!

It all began when I had unplanned visit to my balcony with a cup of coffee and, sat on the swing, while looking into the void through the blue sky covered by clouds, my 5 yrs old son came slowly with half sleep face and says, “Mumma, I want to sit with you”.

That little cuddle of my child, amidst the beautiful and embracing nature, I felt deep joy with in and it made me feel centered in minutes. Most exciting part of all this is that I was aware of this joy!

Pleasant view from my balcony

I realized how simple life can be, when you can spend 10 to 15 minutes with Nature and just by watching at it, we get into the frequency of nature which is just pure bliss. Having my Kid’s daily routine to be the same is one of the biggest achievement in my life, as i could see he started being more natural and self centered through out the day.

With one step of deviation, a new dimension in life has been uncovered for me! I am sure this would be one wonderful step if you also would like to spend time with Nature and be embraced by its limit less love with your unlimited Gratitude.

Lets have a beautiful life, filled with gratitude and make this world a beautiful place to live in. LOVE AND LIGHT TO ALL THOSE READING THIS.

2 thoughts on “Being Centered by Gazing Nature

  1. I feel such gratitude for this article. I was realised how I have lost my connection with nature and plants.

    In the next few days I started putting plants all over the house. I sat and looked at them and felt a deep joy within my heart.

    It’s so simple but yet powerful…
    Thankyou for this life changing as article. It’s written from direct experience and that’s what makes it beautiful and powerful

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