Writing your Desire to Universe

Suddenly it occurred to me while in a meditation, when i had an intention to find a method to communicate with Universe crossing this logical mind, writing an application to universe can be one of the best one time method.

We are so used to write an application for every single thing we need, and why not to universe was my thought behind this idea. While this is something came out in my mind directly, I respect everyone who may have already thought of this and there might be even more better ideas than this.

In this Method, we are first going to completely relax the body by progressive relaxation and then relax the mind with the help of breath. Once the ALPHA state of mind is achieved, we bring out the positive vibrations through the gratitude and love, by remembering few situations in life. With this gratitude and love, we will visualize an application form infront of us.

The method of writing an application form is a subconscious programming we all already have, and its programmed that if we write an application for something, we can expect an out come from it. So this is a technique, by writing to universe, on an application form that is created via your gratitude and love, your subconscious mind will be totally satisfied about it.

Method of filling Application to Universe:

  • We write the application form like we do for any other thing in real life. We fill our name, date of birth and more importantly, our desire too
  • While writing our desire, we do not mention the desire directly but we mention the category of desire and the keywords that describe your desire
  • When you write the keywords, you make sure that you describe your wish as closely to the one you actually desire as possible
Meditation for writing an application to Universe for your Desire

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