Parenting Skill- Instead of a Lullaby do sleep talk

Over 12 years of journey towards my inner-self, I am so grateful to be a magnet for all the spiritual knowledge am able to gain through various teachers. The knowledge we gain becomes more valuable only when we are able to implement it in daily life and enhance the life to be more beautiful one!

Fortunately for me, I was able to use the knowledge that is coming to me, to be a good parent by ensuring my children to be “Themselves” and growing to be a responsible human. It is said that first 5 to 7 years age of a kid is when the true programming of subconscious mind happens and I am so glad to know this secret at the early stage of my parenting.

I am blessed to get various inputs through many people at the right time in my life which made me realized that communication with our kids is the most important part. During my pregnancy i used to talk to my kid , i think most of the mothers do that but later when they are born, we become busy only in giving physical comfort like hugging them, kissing them, feeding them on time, changing diapers, keeping them clean etc.

When my first child was 7 months old i joined back to office, being a working woman getting time to spend with kids is tough, and on top of it due to family circumstances i had only option of sending her to my native. How much ever love grandparents give, its always less compared to mothers love. After her first birthday i got her back and joined her to my office daycare, which started newly. I was quite happy but the time i got to spend with her was very less.

As time passed one day i heard about the phases of sleep and one of the most powerful state is Alpha state. As i studied more about it, I understood its more intuitive state of mind. At the same time this is the state of mind which is at just before getting into deep sleep.

Knowing this, I decided to give it a try, to speak to my kid just before she fall into sleep. So instead of singing a lullaby , i wrote a script like ” My baby you are the most wonderful gift that we got in our life. We love you so much. You are Generous to help others. You are here to enjoy your life. You are born smart, active, confident and energetic. You are ambitious. You are always surrounded by good people. Everyone loves you.” and started singing it to her in my own tune as many times possible until she falls a sleep.

The impact of it slowly started showing, firstly I was surprised when she voluntarily gave her pocket money to the beggars while we were walking on stairs to Tirupati. Then i remembered the complaint about her in PTM (Parents Teacher Meeting), that she helps others in completing their class work, because of which she is late in completing her work. And how she likes to serve people in our home functions. These are few things, that made me to observe her much closely and try to keep her good nature undisturbed and make her learn to prioritize her work and help others.

There are many such examples with my younger one too where i have used this sleep talk much earlier as a medium to communicate and express love and its really not possible to explain how its changing both our lives but it is definitely powerful. I Suggest that you too can try it out and see if you can help your child has a better programming in their sub conscious mind that will give them beautiful life and makes this world even more better place to live. Happy Parenting!

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