Health in Hands – Protect yourself

While the Covid has taken a shape which is going beyond control, I believe that, while protecting yourself following the Covid Protocols, it is very important to improve your immunity and stay protected from seasonal diseases.

I am Dr. Saitej Reddy MD in Internal Medicine and pursuing DM in Cardiology, writing this to spread the awareness that i can create to ensure the safety of our community.

Seasonal diseases include Cholera, Typhoid, Amoebiasis, Hepatitis, Malaria, Dengue, Filaria, viral encephalitis, Chikungunya etc., while scientists are struggling day and night to find a vaccine to the Covid and doctors never ending shifts taking care of the infected, Hospitals filled and with no space, we from our side, it is important to keep ourselves protected from the seasonal diseases.

Protecting ourselves from these things is quite simple and it will not only reduce the burden to doctors, but also keep our immunity intact and can fight for the worst that may come.

According to my practice knowledge as a doctor, by having appropriate handwash and hygenic food and clean water, we can protect ourselves from Cholera, Typhoid, Amoebiasis, Hepatitis. And just by keeping the premises clean and avoiding a mosquito bite, we can protect ourselves from Malaria, Dengue, Filaria, viral encephalitis, Chikungunya.

Make sure to take vaccination to Influenza and protect yourself from this disease as well.

I urge you to follow safety protocols not just for one issue in hand but all the issues that we are prone to. Keeping our self safe is the only way to keep the community safe and overall economy also to be safe.

Always remember, when you have symptoms, reach out to the medical practitioner to get the appropriate treatment. During this critical times, self care is the best practice, due to limited space for the medical attention and everyone will give priority to keep themselves safe. Take care and be well.

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