Is Telepathy Possible? Ever wondered why a person has spoken exactly the same topic running in your mind? Ever surprised to see a phone call from the person you were just thinking about? I don’t know if we should call this telepathy, but some communication between is surely happening to exchange the thoughts. I believe that we can communicate with anyone of our choice. Will the other person receive our message or not will totally depend on who closely you are connected with that person and the state of mind of the other person.

While i was learning about different states of mind, i understood that alpha state is a pure state of mind which is like deep meditation with complete awareness. This state can be used to do reprogram our mind and do positive affirmations. However, this state of mind can also be used for telepathic communication.

For the technique I am going to discuss, you first need to practice achieving the alpha state mind and below are the steps.

  1. Meditate and reach alpha state of mind
  2. Think of the person you would like to speak to
  3. Make sure to keep your communication as close to reality as possible
  4. Accept and believe that the other person has received your message
  5. Let go and relax
  6. This works best when the other person state of mind is not Beta state, that is awake state. So practicing this method when the other person is sleeping, works like a miracle

For you to use this technique easily, i have prepared a guided meditation. Please try this consecutively for few days and see the results.

Note: Ensure to use this process only for the good purposes. It works only for good purposes and that which is not hampering the free will of the other person.

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A Software Professional with Diversified Interests. A wanderer in search of knowledge and not because I am lost! I Love to Learn and even more Love to spread the knowledge that makes the World a Happy Place.

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