Life V2.0

Ever heard of the term ‘Actualizing Tendency’? It sounded like the name of a fancy physics theory to me at first, but it is actually a term used in psychology to describe the desire present in all living things that pushes the organism towards growth. Have you ever left a potato in your kitchen withContinue reading “Life V2.0”


Is Telepathy Possible? Ever wondered why a person has spoken exactly the same topic running in your mind? Ever surprised to see a phone call from the person you were just thinking about? I don’t know if we should call this telepathy, but some communication between is surely happening to exchange the thoughts. I believeContinue reading “Telepathy”


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Hey, We collect content from some authors and present here for everyone’s benefit. We believe that healing is within and when the mind is happy, body is also happy and vice versa. Our Missions is to ensure that we bring the right content on every topic that relates to healing of oneself through various ways.

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